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Cinderella's Sweet-Talking Marine- Silhouette Romance

by Cathie Linz

وضعیت:  Travelling

شرح پشت جلد:

Ellie Jensen stopped believing in happily-ever-after endings after her charming yet self-centered husband left her and their young daughter, Amy.The recent death of Ellie's brother John, who was killed while on duty as a U.S. Marine, has only reinforced the fact that when it comes to taking care of herself and Amy, Ellie is on her own. And so when one of John's friends, Marine captain Ben Kozlowski, shows up offering his help, Ellie immediately sets Ben straight by telling him that the only person she relies on is herself. Bit by bit, Ben wears Ellie's resistance down until he becomes a part of her and Amy's life, but his offer of a future together, while tempting, seems just too good to be true. A wonderfully honorable hero struggling with guilt finds love and redemption with a woman who learns that fairy tales can come true, in Linz's latest sweetly sensu al and beautifully written Men of Honor book

وضعیت کتاب در بوک کراسینگ:      http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/1646154

پ.ن. ۲۳/۰۸/۱۳۸۶  با یک کتاب دیگر از همین سری با Nicole از آلمان (Nikel27) معاوضه شد.

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