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رمان انگلیسی - Montana Twins


Montana Twins - American Romance

by  Charlotte Maclay

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Sheriff Eric Oakes didn't know the first thing about babies, and now he had to prove himself worthy of raising his twin nieces. Taking care of those little girls was one thing, but taking on the woman who controlled their fate was another thing entirely!

Laura Cavendish had promised she'd find the twins' uncle, but she hadn't expected to find him so...irresistible. She had to make sure he'd be a suitable dad, and that meant finding this bachelor a wife. Her love for the little girls was so great that she agreed to take on the role. Would Eric and Laura learn that sometimes love comes after marriage?

وضعیت کتاب در بوک کراسینگ:     http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/832631

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