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رمان انگلیسی - Cowboy Enchantment


Cowboy Enchantment - American Romance

by  Pamela Browning

وضعیت: Travelling

شرح پشت جلد:

Cowboys... And Cradles
All work and no play had made Erica Strong's life dull. So when her sister forced her to take some much-needed time off to visit the Rancho Encantado spa, the successfull banker longed for a little relaxation and a fling with a real-life cowboy! But she never expected she'd set her sights on a single dad

Hank, the hunky riding instructor, made her pulse race, so she ditched her serious suits and boring haircut for a makeover. Suddenly the two were inseparable. Only, now even more troubling than the fact that her cowboy was the daddy was the secret yearning to call father and daughter her own...Had fate finally intervened to make her dreams come true

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