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رمان انگلیسی - The Healing Touch


The Healing Touch - Medical Romance - Mills & Boon

by  Rebecca Lang

وضعیت: Available

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It was a chance for a fresh start. And in her new job as a helicopter pilot at a skiing lodge in the Canadian Rockies, Charlie felt she could put the past behind her. Too bad, though, that her employer, Gallagher Cole, didn't seem to share her view. "I'm not quitting before I've started," Charlie told him stubbornly. "If you don't want me here, you should have the guts to fire me!" Nevertheless, Charlie gradually found herself drawn to this complex man. Only what hope could there be for her when they each had commitments to somebody else...? true

وضعیت کتاب در بوک کراسینگ:     http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/920634

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