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رمان انگلیسی- Intrigue


The Butler's Daughter- Harlequin Intrigue

by  Joyce Sullivan

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Juliana (the butler's daughter) is entrusted with Cort, the heir to Collingwood, when the first heir is kidnapped. She and the baby are returning to the parents of the child when the home explodes and kills the parents, and puts her dad in a coma. They immediately call "The Guardian" who is supposed to protect them from harm in case of an emergency. The Guardian marries her for her own protection, and the protection of Cort. The Guardian is Hunter Sinclair, godfather of Cort, and trusted friend of the dead couple. While Juliana and Hunter rush to find the killer, they also find themselves falling in love.
I finished the book in a day. It is not long, but it is a great story, full of intrigue and love. The characters are interesting and have a past that makes their distrust of one another very reasonable. There will be more in the series and I am looking forward to it!

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